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Mission: We accept the daily challenge to safeguard the public’s health and safety; effectively maintain and improve the gas distribution system placed in our care, and provide an enhanced quality of life to customers and citizens of the City of Ripley, Tennessee. 

Authority: The Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA) provides regulatory oversight and has safety jurisdiction over Tennessee’s intrastate gas pipelines and all natural gas distribution systems, including private, utility districts, municipalities, and master meters.  This Department is inspected yearly by TRA to ensure proper safety measures are being taken, operators are qualified, etc.

Operations: Maintain the City’s gas distribution infrastructure that enables the City of Ripley, Tennessee to distribute natural gas to its customers. This Department provides operation, maintenance and repair to the Gas Distribution System.  The O&M Department has personnel on duty twenty four hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. They maintain the capability to call-in additional crews to address any emergency that may occur in gas mains.   

Gas System: The O&M Department maintains approximately 200 miles of pressurized natural gas mains, 6 natural gas city gate regulator stations, and 5 natural gas secondary regulator stations. 

Other Duties: Install new gas mains, and gas services.  Investigate gas leak complaints and make necessary repairs to gas mains.  Maintain the City’s Safety Program, Emergency Response Plan, and help plan for future system improvements.  Locate and mark gas mains & services on city easements and roadways to prevent damage during excavation or construction by City personnel, private citizens or agencies in accordance with the State of Tennessee’s Sunshine One Call Law.  Develop and prioritize the City’s gas main replacement/rehabilitation programs and monitor the projects generated from those programs.  Exercise Gas Valves and Read Meters.

Department Structure: The Operations & Maintenance Superintendent is responsible for the day to day operation of the department, budgeting and long range planning. The Department, under the Superintendent is structured in a business manner.

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