Customer Owned Line Responsibility

Customer Owned Line Responsibility

Federal Regulation Number 192.16 requires that we notify you to exercise diligence regarding underground or buried gas piping. Buried pipe may be subject to leakage and/or corrosion (corrosion may occur on metallic pipe) and could potentially be subject to hazards if not maintained.

Remember that any and all gas pipe downstream of the gas meter (the “building” side) belongs to you, the gas customer, and the gas customer is responsible for maintenance and operation of this portion of the fuel line system. We do not own the gas beyond the meter; therefore we do not routinely maintain or locate fuel lines. Commercial plumbers and/ or heating contractors may be contacted when gas fuel lines need attention.

Buried gas piping should be:

  • Periodically inspected for leaks
  • Periodically inspected for corrosion if the piping is metallic
  • Repaired if any unsafe condition is discovered, or the flow of gas should be shut off
  • When excavation is performed or is about to be performed near the buried gas piping, the piping should be located and marked in advance, and any excavating performed near the pipe should be done by hand. 


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